DynaPOT! The Ultimate Root Pruning Pot for Your Operation

The sturdy fabric we use for our pots enables easy oxygen exchange and is water permeable as well, allowing overhead, drip or wicking type irrigation.   The roots grow out to the edge of the pot and are naturally air root pruned. This keeps the roots from circling in the pot and increases the root volume by stimulating root branching.

Root Pruning Advantage for All Crops

Whether you grow trees, roses, shrubs or medicinals, DynaPOT is a proven rugged root pruning pot.  Usable for multiple seasons and varmit resistant, you’ll enjoy the quality difference in these heavy duty, rugged root pruning pots.

The Perfect Pot for Growing

Container growing with Dynapot allows any surface to be used for growing.  It’s well suited for hydroponic drip or flood table operations,  Dynapot is perfect for growing on cement, rocks, gravel, or asphalt.

Made from Non BPA Recycled Water Bottles

Yes, you are helping the environment every time you choose to use Dynapot.  Dynapots are pressed at the factory for stiffness, then folded flat for easy shipping and storage.  The stiffness of the fabric also makes them easy to fill with your favorite growing media.

Multiple Sizes

Dynapot offers an enormous range of sizes perfect for any crop.  Starting with one gallon and up the spectrum to 1000 gallons. Smaller sizes are perfect for nursery crops, herbs, vegetables and medicinals.  Larger sizes can be used for large shrubs, trees and even instant raised bed garden with no construction required! Just open, fill with your favorite growing blend.

Tomatoes in dynapot

Key Features

 Made from BPA Free Recycled Water bottles and with super heavy duty durable Fabric
 Last for multiple seasons
 Stand up well to heavy harvests and can be used for soil or hydroponic applications both
indoors and outdoors
 Ideal for gardening on top of concrete, gravel and soil
 Provides better aeration of the root zones and air pruning of the root system
 Provides perfect drainage for better pest and fungus control
 Allows efficient nutrient uptake, resulting in bigger harvests

Grower Quantities Available

We are ready to ship the quantities you need for your crop.  Please see the below chart for pot volume and pallet quantites per size.

Dynapot by ProSource Plus is competively priced to your door.  Please let us know your needs.

19 gal and 200 gallon

Dynapot Pot Sizing and Pallet quantities

Size (Gal)  Dimension (D x H)” Style Unit weight Pallet load (Est.Qty)
1 Gal  7 x 6 PX 1001 3.3 oz 3,000
2G  8 x 7 PX 1002 4 oz 2,200
3G  10 x 7.5 PX 1003 4.8 oz 1,700
5G  12 x 9.5 PX 1005 6.1 oz 1,300
7g  14 x 9.5 PX 1007 7.4 oz 1,100
10G  16 x 11.5 PX 1010 9.6 oz 900
15G  18 x 13.5 PX 1015 10.9 oz 700
20G  20 x 15.5 PX 1020 13.5 oz 480
25G  21 x 15.5 PX 1025 15.6 oz 480
30G  24 x 15.5 PX 1030 1.2 lb 450
20G-DP  16 x 22 PX 1930 HI TOP DP 13.5 oz 460
45G  27 x 18 PX 1045 1.3 lb 400
65G  30 x 18 PX 1065 1.6 lb 400
100G  36 x 23 PX 1100 2.2 lb 280
200G  50 x 24 PX 1200 2.9 lb 220
300G  60 x 24 PX 1300 4 lb 100
400G  70 x 24 PX 1400 4.8 lb 80
500G  78 x 24 PX 1500 5.6 lb 65
600G  86 x 24 PX 1600 7 lb 54
700G  93 x 24 PX 1700 7.9 lb 50
800G  99 x 24 PX 1800 8.7 lb 48
900G  105 x 24 PX 1900 9.3 lb 44
1000G  111 x 24 PX 9000 9.8 lb 42

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