We Understand the Science of a Great Growers Blend

ProSource Plus: Grower Blends Engineered for Results


ProSource Plus has a vision to give the growers the things they need most: Performance grower blends, delivered on time, with competitive costs per load, excellent communication and payment terms that any grower can appreciate.

ProSource Plus connects with growers at a level forgotten by their larger competitors and offers nimble response to grower needs like:

  • Up to date order information

  • Hands on support

  • Horticultural growing media expertise

  • Effective Logistics

ProSource Plus serves the Eastern US from our blending facility in Virginia, providing engineered grower blends and amendments suitable for nursery and greenhouse operations.

ProSource Plus: Your Success Is Our Business

We specialize in engineered grower mixes that get rave reviews and help you grow thriving crops.  No matter what or how you are growing, from greenhouse to field, we have products that will maximize your growing experience from seedling to pot. Thrill your customers with the quality of your product grown in ProSource Plus blends.

Grower Mixes: Textures, Porosity and Water Retention

Supplying growers the physical qualities they need in their growing blends is at the heart of our engineered media. Textures from coarse to fine, offer porosity and water retention options, appropriate for your growing methods and crop. ProSource Plus can provide any texture your crop craves to grow fast, strong and vibrant. Try a load today!

Dependable Deliveries and Technical Services

Our logistics service, dependable delivery and excellent communication are all great reasons to team up with ProSource Plus. Another is hands on grower support. With over 25 years in the industry, You’ll find our technical sales team is here to help you grow any crop to it’s maximum potential.  Try ProSource Plus Products and see for yourself!

ProSource Plus is represented by Lynx Associates and this talented sales team:

Ron Hamilton   865-274-8202

Shauna Pieruccini  717-404-2617

Kevin Webber   443-883-1046

Brad Davidson  561-843-0606