Coir Products

Coir – Natures Gift from the Coconut

Ever since it’s discovery as a potential growing media in the 1940’s, coconut husk and it’s pith, fibers, and chunks, have become known for their

One Drop of Water Added to Dry Coir

unique properties that just happen to be perfect both as an amendment to other components in a growers blend and as a stand alone substrate preferred by many growers, worldwide.

Adding coir to your own blends can make a world of difference in both water holding capacity and porosity.  Coir’s unique structure makes it highly valuable as an amendment or a stand alone substrate.  Coir comes in several textures, and depending on the structure you need, the consistencies can be combined to create the right texture for any crop.

Benefits of adding Coir

Since coir comes in compressed blocks, it is expanded by adding water before use.  Many will be happily surprised at our yield. If you are buying coir now from other suppliers, take a look at our yields per pallet/per load. By decreasing impurities (like sand) you’ll find our yield is much higher per block, per pallet, and per load.  That’s one of the reasons we refer to our coir line as “Royal”

Our Royal Coir Line

Item # Description Yds/Pal Ltr/kg Wt/Pal Wt/block block/Pal
RPWX Royal Pith Washed X-Coarse <0.4 EC 26.2 17.5 1,140 4.8 238
RPWC Royal Pith Washed Coarse <0.7 EC 24.4 16.2 1,150 5.0 230
RCW010 Royal Chip Washed 10 mm 20.9 14.3 1,120 5.0 224
RMW3 Royal Mix Washed #3 24.8 16.5 1,150 5.0 230
RPBC Royal Pith Buffered Coarse <0.5 EC 25.3 16.8 1,150 5.0 230
RMB3 Royal Mix Buffered #3 24.9 16.6 1,150 5.0 230
RKW Royal Krush Washed <0.5 EC 22.7 15.5 1,120 5.0 224

ProSource Plus Coir comes directly from our sponsored factories in India and Sri Lanka.  It is consistent in quality with exceptionally low EC and a pH of between 5.5 and 6.5.

Container load lead time 8 – 12 weeks.  Pallet Quantities are in stock locally and available in 1 week

Please contact us for more information on ProSource Plus coir and coir blends